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We provide cutting-edge solutions that help businesses and users securely identify, verify and exchange information,all while staying up-to-date with the latest standards and regulations.

MyNextID aims to revolutionize how we think about trust in the digital age. Our mission is to create a trusted infrastructure where all information is verified and everyone can trust the source. We need a new approach centred around digital identity and verified credentials that complies with the latest technology standards and regulations to achieve this.

Our platform provides pre-built solutions for users and businesses to quickly identify and trust another online, so they can share, exchange, and verify credentials in the digital realm. 

With MyNextID, any organization can instantly issue and digitally verify credentials like diplomas, certificates, or tickets without any complicated setup. That way, you can empower your users and streamline the certification process, ensuring they receive their achievements in an EBSI-compliant digital wallet. From there, they can securely share them with any organization that accepts verifiable credentials.

Our privacy-preserving technology ensures that all personal data remains safe, giving users complete control over their identity and reputation online, all in line with the latest EU vision. 

Be part of the next generation of secure, privacy-preserving digital services. Join us in creating the future of digital trust!

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