Digital wallet

By holding credentials in a digital wallet, users can receive, store, present and manage personal data from one place and share them anywhere online.
In the offline world, people typically store credentials in a physical wallet, so they can identify and present them to others when needed. All this is now possible in the online world, too, with the help of a private digital wallet containing valid personal data in one place. The holder can access it by a mobile app or a web service and digitally share or revoke access to a particular credential in a matter of seconds.


Identify & present credentials at once

Identify yourself and share credentials with different providers in a digital format in a privacy-preserving manner.

Hold credentials in one place

Receive, store, and manage credentials from various issuers in only one private digital wallet.

Receive notifications

Be sure your credentials are valid by receiving notifications each time any of your credentials have been verified, revoked or resold.

Prove credibility

Present your entity as trustworthy to others in the trust framework.

Trust the provider

Instantly learn whether the issuer or verifier of your credential is trustworthy.

Latest news

Call for wallet providers

At MyNextID, we know that building a trusted internet for all cannot be done alone. We seek to onboard as many wallet providers as possible to help us create secure, interoperable infrastructures for verified credential exchange worldwide. By partnering with us, you’ll be part of a community dedicated to offering a unified and standardized approach to credential exchange, shifting services to a new era of trust in the digital age. Let’s work together to make digital trust accessible to anyone, anywhere!

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