As a trusted organization, you can issue tamper-proof and instantly verifiable credentials in a digital format.
Today, licensed providers are authorized to issue official documents and certificates, acting as proofs that authenticate people’s academic, educational or occupational qualifications. However, providing a piece of similar evidence in a digital setting is not as easy and comes with specific risks. With the addition of technologies, we help you issue a valid copy of an ordinary document in a digital format that makes it more trustworthy than its physical counterpart.



Issue credentials that are tamper-proof and easily verifiable in a digital format.

Streamline the process

Enable simple user identification online and instantly learn whether the wallet is trustworthy.


Immediately revoke credentials if irregularities are detected to reduce fraud and data breaches.

Receive notifications

Receive real-time notifications each time the credentials have been verified or used.

Prove credibility

Present your entity as trustworthy to others in the trust framework.

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