Instantly verify if the credential meets the established criteria and unlock the privileges to its holder.
Organizations and companies still need to rely on proof submitted by the individual or make a background screening to verify the authenticity of the information with the source. Therefore, as a verifier, you have the time-consuming task of checking easily counterfeited proofs without an adequate solution, offline or digitally. Within the trust ecosystem, you can affirm if the credentials meet the established criteria without needing to contact the source, making your work easier and strengthening trust in your organization.


Verify & identify users at once

Check the holder's identity and verify the credential with only one action.

Streamline the process

Enable a verification process that is simple, fast, and privacy-preserving.


Instantly verify the issuer's identity and whether it can be trusted.

Verify credentials

Instantly verify if the credential is valid and if it belongs to the given holder.

Prove credibility

Present your entity as trustworthy to others in the trust framework.

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